What our customers say

Hello, we were recently introduced to this product and I must say it is doing a marvelous job in clearing my husband’s dry skin across his forehead and sidesof his nose, at the moment he is carrying it (Melrose) around with him to use throughout the day. St.Helen’s Merseyside. 6th July 2011.

I have a daughter of thirteen who swims competitively for Macclesfield. Last August, she developed what was described by our local G.P. as hand eczema, bought about, no doubt, by the chemicals in the swimming pools she was going to. She was prescribed steroid cream – didn’t work! A second visit to the G.P., stronger steroid cream – didn’t work! A visit to an eminent skin specialist, with more treatment – didn’t work. A visit to my homoeopathic doctor – better results, but flared up again after the treatment finished.

Back to the doctors, more and stronger steroid cream – didn’t work. Another visit to the homoeopathic doctor – same results as last time. Then my mother suggested an ‘old fashioned remedy’ – MELROSE. Instant success! I cannot say that it has cleared completely, but the relief it has given my daughter is incredible. Within twenty four hours the terrible cracks were healing, and she could rub her fingers on her face without them scratching it.

Mrs W. – a grateful parent

I have been a user of MELROSE for many years. It has been the only thing suitable for my skin.

– Stafford Customer

…it is the only product that helps my husbands skin complaint. He was first introduced to it by a health shop when we lived in Sheffield. He has had medication from the hospital which did nothing to help. MELROSE is the only thing to help him.

Mrs H. – from Plymouth