New Website

Hi there,

This is the first post from the new Melrose Skincare website.   Melrose is a traditional skincare product patented back in 1880 and sold ever since in chemist shops and in the high street.

Melrose Skincare History

Conceived originally to protect the skin from the ravages of wind and weather, Melrose is ideal for walkers, runners, joggers, cyclists, horse riders, sailers, cannoeists, gardeners, sportsmen and women, in fact anyone whos spends time exposed to the elements and can be invaluable for treating chapped skin and cracked and sore lips etc etc.

We will be keeping your posted over time about the very many beneficial uses of Melrose and let you know how it is helping lots of people with their skin. 

Melrose Scincare Stick

For more information about Melrose email 

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